I am a freelance music journalist and the publisher of Write On Music.

My writing has also been published by various outlets, including No Depression, AOL Spinner, The Seattle Post Intelligencer, and Blogcritics, where I was the Senior Music Editor (2011-2012) and Assistant Music Editor (2008-2011).

I've interviewed and profiled such artists as Jakob Dylan, Meiko, Tony Bennett, Lucinda Williams, Alan Parsons, Kate Nash, Neil Finn, Allen Toussaint, Susanna Hoffs, Daniel Lanois, Charli XCX, Christina Perri, Rod Argent, Colin Blunstone, Buddy Guy, and many more.

I also write about my current battles with several chronic autoimmune illnesses and the extensive history of my health in general.

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I take all the artist interviews I do seriously, and prepare for them as much and as best I can. Some interviews mean more than others, though.

Tomorrow I will be speaking with Randy Owen of Alabama. I grew up on Alabama’s music, and I even got to see the band twice in concert when I was younger. 

This is a big deal to me.

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Noah, being sneaky…

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Noah, being sneaky…

I’ve pretty much been addicted to caffeine in one form or another (Coke, coffee, etc.) since I was about 14 years old. It’s created havoc for me over the years in terms of insomnia and anxiety, but my few attempts to quit have caused me extraordinary migraines. So I’ve more or less been stuck on the stuff. 

My autoimmune/chronic illnesses have only magnified matters, as caffeine has been my pick-me-up fix against fatigue (even though the sugar in sodas, for instance, works against me and exacerbates inflammation). My anxiety has been so terrifying lately, though—perhaps from grief—that I think I need to try to quit the caffeine once and for all. I don’t need the anxiety I suffer from to be accelerated anymore. It’s scary.

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The Who have released their first new song in eight years.

(Source: youtube.com)

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